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Our goal is to be your premier source for an eco-conscious, healthy, fun and creative lifestyle. It is possible to tread on the earth lightly and still live a fabulous life. We hope you join us on this amazing earth journey.

Jennifer Wojcieski

Co-Publisher & Editorial Director

Jennifer has a deep desire to improve the quality of life for the people around her as well as herself. With a 25 year career as a Registered Architect and LEED Green Associate, she understands how the environment can affect our health and how our actions impact the health of our environment. She is known as the master of small spaces, organization and sustainability in her designs. Jennifer is well versed in creating graphic presentations that result in tangible solutions.


Learning that the products we use every day greatly impacts our lives and the way we feel, Jennifer expanded her education into Aromatherapy and Skincare. She began her own natural skincare line in 2009. But that still wasn’t enough. In 2015, she opened In2ition Mercantile, an eco-boutique specializing in organic, natural and artisan goods. Utilizing a holistic approach, her expertise has assisted others with improving their health and environments to achieve their True Lifestyle.


After meeting Daniella, the two had a realization that their passions to enjoy life yet tread lightly on the earth had aligned. With their artistic, fitness and business experiences, True Lifestyle Magazine was brought to life.

Daniella Cippitelli

Co-Publisher & Creative Director

In terms of formal education, Daniella is no stranger to the collegiate ranks. She holds an A.A. in Commercial Art, a B.F.A. in Arts Management and an M.A. in Media Studies. As if that were not enough she also holds certificates in Art Gallery Management and Art as an Alternative Investment from Sotheby’s Institute of Art.


After completing her undergraduate education Cippitelli found her way into publishing and the rest, as they say, is history. After spending 15 years in various positions in publishing and contract work with Ad agencies she retired from her position as Creative Director of Hearst Business Media to start her own online marketing/web development agency. In 2013 she sold her shares to her partner to focus on a non profit foundation she founded and serves as president of and opened a fine art gallery on Long Island New York’s ‘Gold Coast’ where she featured much of her fine art photography and paintings as well as representing other artists. In the gallery she also offered yoga and various wellness seminars.


Fueled by her love for publishing, a background in healthy living and fitness, and the desire to be kind to the planet she and Wojcieski teamed up to bring True Lifestyle Magazine to life.

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